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Leather Reupholstery Service

Do you want to restore your well loved leather furniture to give it a new look? Leather Pros Inc provides professional reupholstery services to make it happen. We have a large leather gallery to choose from and our goal is to restore your leather furniture to new!

Leather Furniture
Reupholstery & Restoration

When reupholstering leather furniture you have options. It may be that your favorite chair has a headrest that is past the point of repair. Often times we can reupholster the headrest by matching the original leather and replacing it. 

Your favorite leather sofa has a few cushions that are past the point of repair. We can replace the leather on the cushions and restore the color and protective top finish to the rest of the sofa to bring it back to new.

Is your leather furniture not as firm as it once was? Let us replace the cushion cores, plump and firm up the cushions. Our Reupholstery service is like taking the sofa to a spa.

Partial Reupholstery

As described above for restoration but some panels of leather are too badly worn or damaged for restoration. We can replace these panels and restore the remaining areas (all matched to original color/finish), this can still be a very cost effective way of substantially extending the life of your furniture.

This old faithful Natuzzi sofa is getting new cushion cores, the banding replaced, cleaned and conditioned. This sofa will last for many more years. Natuzzi quality and comfort is worth the restoration. Jeff saved the customer over 2000.00 for the replacement costs. Leather furniture like new!


  • Ultra-violet Sun damage
  • Fading
  • Cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Scratches & cuts
  • Rub marks
  • Burns
  • Food & Drink stains
  • Rips & Tears
  • Fingernail Polish
  • Hand & Hair Oil Stains
  • Punctures
  • Re-Stitching
  • Seam repair
  • Cushion Core Replacement
  • And more!

Full Reupholstery

If recovering of your chair, sofa or furniture set with the leather of your choice is what you want, Leather Pros Inc is your solution. We can do leather to leather or fabric to leather. We have a large leather gallery of every finish and color to choose from. We will provide a no-obligation quote, just contact us an appointment

These Dania bar stools were fully recovered with beautiful cream color top grain leather. The customer saved over 700.00. Leather bar stools like new!

Full Resotration

Your leather chair, sofa or furniture set is badly worn and you feel it’s time it went to the furniture warehouse in the sky! But wait…. it’s so comfortable, part of the family even! You’re not ready to part just yet but when friends or family visit you’re embarrassed by this elderly relative. What you need to do is contact Leather Pros Inc for our Reupholstery service – we’ll restore it to new. If you can’t bear to part company with that old friend get in touch with us to arrange an appointment for a no-obligation quote.


This is a family favorite Natuzzi Sofa. We pulled it apart gave the sofa new foam inserts. Finished with a deep grain cleaning and conditioning. Looks like new!