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Helping Restaurant Owners Deliver the Goods

Helping Restaurant Owners Deliver the Goods

First impressions mean everything, especially in the restaurant world. You only have one chance to wow all of the guests that come through your restaurant, and if the booths are covered in rips and tears, chances are they won’t be too impressed. But don’t fret — LeatherPros Inc is here to save the day! LeatherPros Inc. is the Northwest leader in the repair, restoration, cleaning, protection and dyeing of leather, vinyl in the restaurant industry. With the help of the experts at LeatherPros Inc., your restaurant will stay looking its best; making great impressions on your guests for years to come!

ripped-restaurant-boothHere are a few different ways that we can help make your restaurant look as good as new (or perhaps, even better than when you first opened your doors!):

Booth and bar stool repair
Do your booths and bar stool coverings have cracks, rips, and tears? This could be an issue with health inspectors as bacteria and mold could potentially grow in the openings where the cracks and tears exist in the vinyl coverings. Cracks and rips in seat coverings could also cause comfort issues with your guests. If someone wearing shorts sits down on a booth or bar stool with cracks or rips, it can irritate their skin, and focus their attention somewhere other than the delicious meal they’re eating. No need to worry, we can repair or recover your booths easily and quickly!



If the vinyl on your furniture is beyond repair, or you’re just redecorating to update your space, we can handle all of your reupholstering needs…and we’ll come to you! We can reupholster all of your booths and chairs to keep your restaurant looking as good (or better) than new.

On-site repair

Here comes the best part — for any and all of the repair work you may need, we will come to you! Our mobile repair team comprised of highly trained technicians will come to your restaurant when it’s most convenient for you and will use our proprietary products and techniques to return your furnishings to their original condition. We provide dramatic results in one day with minimal disruption of your business.

Quarterly inspection service

Replacing booth and seat coverings can be extremely costly. You can keep these costs at bay through LeatherPros’s quarterly inspection service. Our certified technicians will come out to your location every quarter to inspect booths and seats for any damage, and make repairs as needed. We can help you extend the life of your furnishings and save you hundreds on replacement costs!

At LeatherPros Inc., we think of ourselves as your partner in profit — we want all of our clients to be successful! Put your best face forward and wow your guests with the help of LeatherPros Inc.. We love to help restaurants keep their furnishings looking like new.

To find more information on other services we offer look through our website, or go straight to request a quote and we’ll be happy to contact you and see how we can help with your needs!